Sending invitations from Mozilla Lightning

I have been using Mozilla Thunderbird and its calendar add-on Lightning for a few years now. A couuple of months ago, I began to use Google Mail for my personal email and Google calendar for all of my scheduling. I very much like being able to add other shared Google Calendars, so I began to use it for everything.

I have not had much need to use Google Calendar's and Lightning's ability to invite attendees that use Outlook or Google calendars - until recently. Since my need to generate invitations was mostly for business meetings, I wanted to have the inviations come from my business email account managed in Thunderbird.

So, I tested it by creating an event in Lightning, entered an email address of an invitee, and noticed that the "Invite attendees" was greyed out. Searching the forums, I discovered that there is a bug in Lightning that causes this and that there is a workaround that involved changing a line of code in a setup file. After failing to find such a setup file, it seemed that this file may not be accessable by a common user such as myself.

Upon further tinkering, I then found that I had not selected an email address to attach to the Lightning calendar that I was using. So, rather than being impacted by the bug and implementing a workaround that I did not understand, it turned out that I had missed assigning an email address to that calendar that I was using.

To assign an email address to a calendar, to to the list of calendars on the left side of the Lightning window (you may need to click on "Calendar") and select a calendar. You may see "Home", "Leisure", or other custom calendars that you created. Right click on a calendar and select "Properties". Find "E-Mail:" and you will get a drop-down list of email addresses that you are using with Thunderbird. Select one (mine was initially not associated with any of the email addresses, so it could not send an invitation) and click "OK".

Once I did this, I was able to send invitations and receive responses.

Have fun!